Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nothing comes free nothing free of cost
 One thing we gain other is lost
 So goes true for marriages the most
 Wife we get but life is lost
 The only unhappiness we happily embrace
Winner always loses what a funny race
 Why wife a jailor why house a jail
 If ever freedom comes it is on the bail
 Marriage is gamble never play it friend
Live-in-together is safest latest trend
This bet is gone whatever you choose
Heads she wins and tail you lose
 Once cross adolescence reach adult age
 Society always takes full advantage
All around you set such a stage
 King of the jungle self enters the cage
 Caged he can eat drink and roar
 But sorry he can't do,any thing more
No choice no freedom nowhere to go
 Master to dictate and he to follow
 Lives on whatever in the cage supplied
 I call him dead you call him satisfied
Whether it is success or it is flop
 fREEDOM OR Happiness MARRIAGE full stop

1 comment:

Kaotuka said...

आप कहते हैं.

"क्या लिखा किताबों में, उसकी तो तुम जानों। मैं तो वो कहता हूँ जो मैंने गुजारा है। इन्हें गीत, गज़ल, कविता जो चाहे तुम समझो। मैने तो, दिल का दर्द कागज़ पे उतारा है।"

क्षमा करेंगे. अब इस कविता में तो आपका दर्द दुःख का कम हास्य का पात्र अधिक लगता है.